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Why Fatima?

September 9, 2011


The land of Fadak, where it all begun


I am not really sure how Dr. Fayazi stumbled on this subject, the research that changed his life and the lives of many other people around the world. Millions, if not more, would have their lives take another course once the secrets about Fatima’s life and death was revealed.
Many mistook the subject of Fatima to be limited to Islam. But once the entire story was told, it became clear that revealing those secrets would correct the path of history regarding many pressing matters such as women rights, power transition in Islam and democracy, to name a few.

Anyway, this is not what worries me. And it’s not my job either. My job is to let people know about the truth and then to decide for themselves what they want to do with this information.

Back to our favorite historian. From the bits and pieces I managed to get from our interview sessions, and later when we traveled to Saudi, I think (he refused to talk about this part) that Fayazi never intentionally started his research into Fatima and her legendary book. I know that the doctor studied Islamic religion, Shariaa, when he was in Saudi Arabia. But I don’t understand why he left to enter Egypt in the ’60s and changed tracks into the study of history. In my novel, The Detour –where Fayazi is one of the characters– I suggested something that fit with other information that I learned about other families in Saudi Arabia. It might be what really happened, I don’t know.
Anyway, what I know is that eventually the Jordanian historian wrote several articles about the famous leader, Saladin, and his wars against the Fatimies (yes, the Fatimies,) before the Crusade Wars. Fayazi paid special attention to the Fatimies origin and their contributions to the civilization in Egypt. Despite that this great Islamic state was destroyed by Saladin who hadn’t spared even the children, the Fatimies had left a brighter legacy to humanity than the Abbasid state that Saladin served.

Dr. Fayazi started investigating the origin of the Fatimies. It wasn’t rocket science to link them with Fatima, but a great deal of their lecture was based on one single fact. One mind-blowing secret that other Muslims –especially those who were in power– tried so desperately to hide.

That fact was: Fatima, prophet Mohammed’s only and beloved daughter, had died of a broken heart… and several broken ribs.

And here our story begins.

  1. kathie permalink

    Mohammed has a daughter? Oh I didn’t know that, I’m not a Muslim but it’s interesting to know bits of Islamic history. We used to study different religions as part of the school curriculum but Fatima was never mentioned. This is an interesting post.

  2. This is really excellent articles about Fatima.If someone read this article then he/she can know details about Fatima from here.So I think that everybody should read this article because we can know about Islam from here.Thank you for this articles.

  3. Thank you, very interesting article. I have a lot more.

  4. Firman Wibisana permalink

    interesting.. never knew that before i read this article..

  5. kiran shrestha permalink

    Fatima was afflicted with the heaviest blow which nature in its power could give, she suddenly felled into the most painful and most broken state. The death of her father was enough for her but another blow came to her as well, a blow which even though it did not had the strength of the first, it was at least as deep and perhaps deeper. The hand of fate gave her no respite, the second blow followed close upon the first with only a few hours separation.

    However, this is a welcome blog, and has provided information interestingly.

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