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September 18, 2011


A view of the trees of Fadak, notice the houses

Before talking about Fatima, Islam and Arabia one thousand years ago, let me tell you about Fadak.




A view of the trees of Fadak; notice the houses.


For those who are into travel and visiting historical sites, Fadak, is the real deal. It is a small town in Saudi Arabia, but unlike other historical landmarks in the world, Fadak is hidden. No one wants to talk about it, few people know where it is, and once you start asking questions, you will be at the receiving end of the dagger-like glares of the Islamic religion police.


Here is an excerpt from my novel: The Detour ( that talks about Fadak as described by the a third-person view of Edward Fleming, the hot-headed American researcher who went to Fadak looking for his missing colleague.


“Edward and the driver both gasped. Noshad whispered some prayers. It was as if they entered a time warp, where time had long since stopped at one sad moment that it couldn’t pass. Calling it a ghost town would be as much an understatement as describing a civil war as a power-sharing dispute. There were no buildings, no clear roads; instead, lots of what looked like mud houses were scattered everywhere. The small dark silhouettes were forty square feet maximum. There were no fences, no doors, no windows, just two small openings on top of the wall with no glass. With no light from the inside, the openings looked like two peering eyes in a giant black skull. And if that wasn’t creepy enough, the palm trees, and there were a lot of them, were just empty trunks. No fins, no leaves, no dates, no nothing. Longs spikes into the skies. So surreal. As if happiness and hope and life itself were sucked away from this place, leaving only a dead shell empty but for sorrows. “What is this town?” Noshad whispered. “It’s so much scary.” “Yes. So much scary.”



Well, you got the idea. History books describe Fadak as a lush farm and a miniature heaven. Not anymore. Today, Fadak is one of the scariest things I ever saw, (right after Jaws the movie). So, what happened to this land?


The answer is long, and I am not sure I know the correct one, but here is a hint. This land used to belong to Fatima, the daughter of Mohammed. Yes, used to, but once the prophet died, the great Muslim nation took this land from her, among other things. More about that will come later.



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  2. Igor permalink

    Very nice post. It was made me visit this place. Looks like Fadak is an interesting place to visit.

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