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So what happened to Fatima

October 11, 2011


 The Detour

Fadak Farm, Madeena


Now I will tell you what history told us about Fatima, Mohammed’s only daughter.


Fadak Farm, Madeena

Here are the facts:

1- Fatima was very close to her father, Mohammad. She was the first one he saw when he came home and the last one he said goodbye to when he traveled. Of course, this was in a time when Arabs used to bury their daughters, thus it was unusual for a father and daughter to have such a caring relationship.

2- Islam’s teachings contain a lot about the importance of Fatima. Like this one: The prophet had repeated over and over that “God would be pleased when Fatima is pleased and furious at those who made her angry.” This status was accorded only to Fatima, no other Muslim enjoyed such a privilege.

3- Fatima died right after her father. She was only 18.

4- Muslims do not know when exactly she died. Some says two weeks after her father, others say a month or two.

5- No one knows where Fatima’s grave is. That was part of her will. Another part of her will was that no one from those who oppressed her should be allowed to attend her funeral. Guess how many were allowed to come to the funeral of the great woman of Islam? Only five men, including her husband Ali.

6- It is an agreed-upon fact that Fatima died resenting her people, the nation of her father, most of them anyway. This was not only evident by the fact that she chose to hide her grave and funeral, but also in the two speeches she made in the big mosque reproaching those who hurt her.

Hurt her?

Imagine this: A young woman whom had lost her mother when she was young and whose loving father had just died. A woman so important that the prophet kept repeating that treating her with respect was as important as praying and fasting. So what did the great Muslim nation do after her father died?

History tells us about something called The House of Sadness, which was located in Madeena in Saudi (of course, our Saudi friends destroyed this landmark as they have done with everything else related to Fatima). This house was built because Fatima kept weeping all day and night after Mohammed died because of what they had done to her. People were irritated by  “This crying lady” so they threw her out of the city. Ali then built a small house for her away from the city. That was the House of Sadness. Well done, Arabs.

But what really happened to her? There are some stories; you can find many of them if you search the internet. But what we discovered was slightly more terrifying than what the history told us.


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  1. Nice article about Fatima. It’s not easy to find article like this. It’s really informative..

  2. It is very sad story.But i like to tell There is a very important massage to us.I like read like this articles more.Please write more….Thank you!!!

  3. andrian permalink

    i agree with you sir, on the fact to many woman be hurt by other person. like fatima, should she must have a protection by her closed people so she can safe, but know i want to say fatima can find way home and be there on their family..

  4. This has been a very significant history article describing about what happened to Fatima ? indeed.. Initially, i would like to say thanks for who written this article on here. Just,it’s really awesome information on here …very interesting to read !!! presentation is understandable !!! It’s simple yet informative post !!

  5. Fatema was one of the most prominent figure of Islam.

  6. mehedi permalink

    Fatima was the most closer child of Mohammed.Mohammed loves fatima very much.

  7. Very nice article.I know more about Fatima.Thanks for that

  8. Katrina permalink

    Though I may not be of this religion I found this story very fascinating, many can learn from the words being the religion or not.

  9. Myra permalink

    It was really sadness with the entire family of Mohammed. The only daughter Fatima died only at the age of 18 years old after her mother was died.

  10. It is a very sad story. Giving very important message to public. keep it posting

  11. It is very sad story.But i like to tell There is a very important massage to us.I like read like this articles more.Please write more….Thank you!!!

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