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The Historian

October 15, 2011

Okay, let’s leave the history for a moment and talk about the present.

Dr. Fayazi is a fictional character that I created based very closely on a real Jordanian historian who specializes in Islamic history. He is a college professor (and, no, I am not allowed to say which college). Fayazi dedicated his life to knowing more about Fatima and what happened to her. I really don’t know why. Every time I asked him, he gives me a different reason. But I have a close guess.

Note: In the book The Detour I talked about Fayazi’s past and a large part of that is just based on my guesses. The Doctor never spoke of it, but thankfully he liked the story I came up with about him and didn’t mind putting it in the book.

Fayazi was one of a few historian contacted by the UK government to analyze the documents found in Iraq after the 2003 war. I think that was part of the war-against-terror thing, as I heard from other people later, especially translators, that they were contacted to help in identifying documents to see how relevant they are to helping the NATO to fight Al-Qaeda or find Saddam’s WMD. (Weapon of Mass Destruction)

During his work, Fayazi found an old document, a letter from a famous Ayatollah to one of his students giving him some instructions about an important and hidden trust that must be moved to Saudi as that was its real home. The Doctor told me that the letter had used some kind of code to refer to the book of Fatima. A legendary book that some believe possesses secrets strong enough to change the world. Some say it is another Quran, others say it is a collection of prophecies that Mohammed (or Gabriel, the archangel) told Fatima.

I told you that Fayazi had worked a lot on the Fatima case. So, the old historian had his own theory about Fatima’s legendary book. His theory is much more believable than the other theories and explains all the strange things one could find when reading about the Book of Fatima (AKA The Quran of Fatima) in the history.

So what did Dr. Fayazi do with the new lead he got about Fatima’s book?

Have I told you that the Doctor was also crazy? Well he is. And I told him this to his face. Because he did something no sane man would do. At least not someone who wrote five history books criticizing the Wahabbies and the Saudis.

Fayazi went to Saudi to find the book of Fatima.

The book that some old manuscripts said held the key to change the future.

In my next post, I will tell you more about what Fayazi did in Saudi. Inshalla (By God’s will).


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  1. Thanks to share the Islamic info. I am a Muslim i love these kinds of blog posts

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