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The House of Mohammed

November 28, 2011
Mohammed’s house in Mecca before the demolishing

The Jordanian historian managed to get to Mecca. For those who are not familiar with Saudi hospitality, Mecca is not an easy place to get into, even for a Muslim. Aside from housing the most important landmark in Islam, the Kabaa, Mecca was Mohammed’s home until he left for Madeena when he was fifty years old. So, for an entire 50 years Mohammed had a whole life in Mecca.

The question Dr. Fayazi asked was simple: Why was there no landmark related to Mohammed in Mecca? Shouldn’t there be at least the old place where he was born? Or his house? Anything?

As for Fatima, she was also born in Mecca, in Mohammed’s and Khadeeja’s (Fatima’s mother) house. But finding any landmark related to her was not expected, not with what Dr. Fayazi knew. The fact that Arabs where methodically destroying and tearing down anything related to Fatima was not a secret anymore. One simple and very obvious example was Fatima’s mosque in Madeena.  (more on that later).

Back to Dr. Fayazi’s trip to Mecca: After a long search, and with the help of the families living there, Fayazi found a shocking surprise. The old historian had found Mohammed’s house in Mecca.

For those who are not familiar with Islamic history, Mohammed’s house was the place where:

1-     Mohammed became a prophet.

2-     Mohammed lived for about 20 years of his life.

3-     Fatima was born.

4-     Mohammed married Khadeeja.

5-     Islam started, in secrecy at first, as they were afraid of the Arabs.

6-     Ali, Mohammed’s cousin (and later, Fatima’s husband) was raised.

7-     Quran told us that Gabrial, the archangel, had visited Mohammed there countless times.

8-     The place of the famous spiritual trip/experience of Esraa and Me’raj which started based on the Quran.

There is no question about how important this house was. But how do you think this house was taken care of by Muslims?

Come on, take your wildest guess.

No, not even close.

Mohammed's house in Mecca before the demolishing

Here is what Fayazi learned. The house was torn down in the beginning of 1900 (when the Wahabbis took control over Saudi) and later was turned into… a public toilet.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is how Muslims treated the house where Mohammed spent most of his life. This is a glimpse into how everything else related to Moahmmed was treated. Tear it down and change it to a place where people answer nature’s call. Where (at least in Islamic teaching) angles were not allowed to enter.

Only a few years ago the Saudi closed the public toilet and changed it into a public library. At least this is what the sign says; this library is closed all of the time.

Unfortunately, Fayazi couldn’t take photos of this supposed library.

Here is an excerpt from The Detour about visiting Mohammed’s house:

“Here,” Fayazi said, pointing at an old house painted in a white color that was way beyond peeling.

Beside the big green flag of Saudi fixed on the wall, a sign in Arabic and Urdu hung on the wooden door. It said “Public Library,” but the look of the only small door and the dingy area behind it suggested anything but books. Public toilets would have been more appropriate.

“This is the Prophet’s house?” both Zain and Safiya said in unison.

“You should have seen it in my days,” Fayazi said. “It used to be public toilets.”

Wow, sometimes Edward scared himself.

The story goes on to describe the poor and neglected neighborhood in detail. And most importantly the tourist-friendly long-bearded Suadi religion policeman who guarded the house and prevented anyone from entering or taking photos, as if he was protecting a national security secret.

Here is another expert from The Detour when the characters find a way into the house:

“Aside from four or five shelves that contained books with leather covers and two wooden tables in the middle of the room, there was nothing in the library. The walls had recently been painted white. The bright color reminded Edward of hospitals, especially with the two neon lights fixed to the ceiling.

“It’s made of brick,” Edward said. “It can’t be from fourteen hundred years ago.”

“Renovation.” Zain chuckled, but there was no humor in it.

Safiya turned from one wall to the other, touching the one next to her so gently, as if she expected the spirits from the past to rise. “I don’t understand,” she finally said in a low voice. “How can this be our prophet’s house and no one is paying any attention to it?”

“Attention?” Zain said, pointing at the walls. “They have torn down the old house. And turned it into this… this…” He shook his head and waved it off.

But this was Dr. Fayazi’s first discovery only. The rest is even more interesting.


From → The Detour

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  24. it is very much shocking to learn that the birth place of Mohammed, the prophet is not taken care of. Renovation is strictly needed and it should be approved as an UNESCO heritage site. Thanks for sharing. Until now the world doesn’t heard of this sacred place and its demolition.

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