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This blog is a record for all the secrets and facts unearthed by one historian who spent his life searching for the legendary book of Fatima.
Dr. Fayazi, is a historian who did all the work on this subject. Most of the researches in this blogs belong to him.

My work in Saudi had helped me adding more information about this, like the strange fruit of Fadak and the rare photos of demolishing and hiding the historical land marks in Saudi.

You will read about historical facts about Islam and Arabs that were hidden for a long time.
You will read about what happening in the Middle East, things that not only interest those who cares about human rights, rather, everyone who lives in this planet.
This is not a conspiracy-theory blog, but we have discovered several secrets that could change not only the history of the Middle East, but maybe will affect the future of the region and maybe even the world.
Part of this account was transformed into a novel, The Detour. As you might expect, the novel was banned in many Middle East countries. But, and thanks to the still-free part of the world, this novel will be published in English in 11-11-2011.
Check out the website for more details

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